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Evaluate Stage Campaign - Automation Timing

The below table shows the timing and events for a workflow applied to a qualified lead in the Evaluate Stage. You can click the blue underlined links to view the content of each template.

Important Note

Each of the below emails contain the link "Click Here To Learn More" that points to the same Evaluate Stage Landing Page

In addition, each landing page contains the link "Click Here To Receive 10% Off Your 1st Shipment" that points to the same Promotional Coupon.

Days from start Event Days between events
10 days

Email: Evaluate Email #1

Subject Line: Our Role As A Carrier Is Transparency

40 days

Email: Evaluate Email #2

Subject Line: One Of The Largest Fleets Servicing Metro Vancouver

70 days

Email:  Evaluate Email #3

Subject Line: Holiday, Weekend and Evening Freight Delivery

100 days

Email:  Evaluate Email #4

Subject Line: How Chasing Our Dreams, Not Our Competition Has Helped Us Grow

130 days

Email:  Evaluate Email #5

Subject Line: How We’re Raising The Bar For The Carrier Industry

160 days

Email:  Evaluate Email #6

Subject Line: Shipping Your Dry Freight All Over The Lower Mainland

190 days

Email:  Evaluate Email #7

Subject Line: Enjoy Same-Day Freight Delivery to the US

220 days

Email:  Evaluate Email #8

Subject Line: Secured Short-Term Storage Means Your Freight Always Has A Home

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