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Justify Stage Campaign - Automation Timing

The below table shows the timing and events for a workflow applied to a qualified lead in the Justify Stage. You can click the blue underlined links to view the content of each template.

Important Note

Each of the below emails contain the link "Click Here To Learn More" that points to the same Justify Stage Landing Page

In addition, each landing page contains the link "Click Here To Receive 10% Off Your 1st Shipment" that points to the same Promotional Coupon.

Days from start Event Days between events
0 days

Schedule Activity for Sales Rep: Follow up call


5 days

Email: Justify Email #1

Subject Line: All Across the Pacific Northwest – We Take Your Business Places

15 days

Email: Justify Email #2

Subject Line: Breeze Over The Border With A C-TPAT Certified Carrier

25 days

Email:  Justify Email #3

Subject Line: By Weight, Skid, Truckload, or Hourly – We Help Get You There

35 days

Email:  Justify Email #4

Subject Line: What Is The Real Cost Of Using Multiple Carriers?

45 days

Email:  Justify Email #5

Subject Line: Outsource Your Fleet And Let Us Steer You In The Right Direction

55 days

Email:  Justify Email #6

Subject Line: When The Cost Of A Mistake Is Your Customer, A Professional Carrier Is Priceless

65 days

Email:  Justify Email #7

Subject Line: Outsourcing Your Fleet When You Need Capital For Other Things

75 days

Email:  Justify Email #8

Subject Line: Let Us Help You Run Your Fleet At Maximum Capacity

Alert Rep Alert Rep - may need to adjust stage backwards Alert Rep
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